A camping trip through Sydney is an exciting prospect in itself. With so many amazing places to stop and explore, there’s no way to ever get bored in the incredible Outback. But we took this camping trip to the next level entirely! Did you know there are hot spots to watch for UFOs in Sydney? Well neither did I, until I read about the incredible paranormal sightings from some parts of Australia, and decided I had to check this one out for myself! What followed was the adventure of a lifetime.

We decided to rent a campervan for this trip because it was the perfect way to explore off the beaten path at our own pace. It was great that we never had to stop and look for hotels, and we could venture off into areas outside of civilization. After all, this is where the UFOs are spotted! My Drive Holiday campervan hire in Sydney was just perfect. They had so many options to choose from, so we got to pick the size and features that were right for our trip. And we could pickup and dropoff the campervan at various locations so that made it really easy for traveling. The price was great, too! With all the money we saved on accommodations, a campervan was definitely the budget-friendly way to go.

One place we really wanted to visit was Lake Macquarie, the place where one family spotted a UFO and took great photos of their experience. We didn’t actually see a UFO there but it was a great place to camp out and enjoy the peaceful lake and wilderness. Another UFO sighting that got me really excited about this trip occurred on the Central Coast of Australia. So mysterious! It’s just fascinating that so many extra-terrestrial vessels and objects are spotted in this part of the world!

So we took our campervan all over the area, stopping outside of civilization in clearings to try and spot UFOs at night. It was such an exciting and unique experience. We really got to soak in the beauty of nature, which felt almost paranormal in itself. These days, it’s so hard to really escape civilization and the mark of humans, so getting way out in the outback was such a treat. We all returned from this trip feeling exhilarated and refreshed, even though we didn’t actually spot any UFOs along the way!