The natural look inside the home is something that many people shoot for when they redecorate areas of the home. You know the types of look, with earthy colors throughout the room, touches of nature everywhere, a wicker dog basket and floral decorations, the look that says we love nature so much that our home won’t be nay different! If you are looking to either go fully natural for your next decorating project or you simply want to add some natural details to the home, we have some easy additions which you can make to get that natural feel that you are looking for.

Before we go on, try to remember that less is very much more here, and that natural looks work best in open space, rather than cluttered rooms.

Plants and Flowers

The first thing to think about is incorporating some plants and flowers into the room, either false or real. Faux plants and flowers obviously make more sense from a pragmatic point of view, given that they need no care or replacements. However, nothing compares to having some real plants and flowers in the home, because of the smell and the aura that they give off. You can also look to use flowers on any wallpaper, or alternatively have some pressed flowers framed and placed on the wall.


Nothing screams natural link linen and you should look to use it wherever possible in the home. Linen is a perfect material for sofa covers, bed sheets and curtains, as it is durable and very warm. In terms of the colors that you should be looking for, I would keep it as simple as possible and use natural linen which comes in that kind of off-cream color.

Sticks and Branches

We already have a touch of floral foliage but the addition of logs and branches in the home will help to take it to the next level in terms of the natural design. If you have a fire place which is not in use then fill the hearth up with some cut logs, which give a really nice country home look to it. If you buy a long vase you can fill it with decorative branches which will really give the room that sense of outdoors which we are looking for.


Creating a certain look in the home is not always about the way in which we style it, at times it can be far more simple. For example adding a large photo or painting in the home can be a great way to instantly add a natural look to your home. For example you could put up a painting of a landscape or a sunset, a beach or a woodland scene, and the room would feel very different as soon as you have put the picture up.

Why not start off small and give it a try today? See what you can transform your home into.