Turkey is my favourite country in Europe, Bodrum is my favourite city in Turkey! I fell in love with the place the first time I visited, it is a place that is rich in history and also vibrant at night. It’s a cosmopolitan city that is nestled on the Aegean Coast of Turkey, the back drop of the sea just adds to the charm. The good thing about travelling to Bodrum is that you can pick up some fantastic deals at this time of year, I was luck enough to get a great deal with Flythomascook when I headed out there. If you do your research I guarantee that you will be able to find a package that suits any budget! 

Once you have your travel booked it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to do, there’s so much do see and do that I have made a list of the must see places in Bodrum for you. If you have been there before then please let me know if you agree with my list and what your favourite places was there, just go to the bottom of this post and leave your comment. I always love hearing other travellers tales and experiences of this amazing city. 

Go for a splash around at the Aqua Park

If you are heading to Bodrum with your family then the Aqua Park is an absolute must! Believe me when I say that it is not only the kids that have a great day out, all of the adults I went with seems to rediscover their youth and have as much fun as the youngsters. Whether you are looking for some thrilling rides or just want to chill out in the sun the Aqua Park has it all; there’s the heart pounding Kamikaze ad Black hole rides or the peaceful jacuzzi pool where you can catch some rays.

Head to Turgutreis for a mind blowing sunset

There are many sub resorts dotted around Bodrum, my favourite with out a doubt is Turgutreis. The resort if famous for the orange sky when the sunsets, make sure that you have your camera at the ready to take a snap of one of the most stunning sunsets you will ever see. 

The Castle of St Peter

You will be able to see the castle from most areas in Bodrum, at night it illuminates the coast and is such an amazing spectacle. The thing I really love about the castle is that is has been so well preserved, it is over 600 years old. If you venture out to the castle you will be able to look back on to the city and get some fantastic views.