Despite its small size, the town of Looe in Cornwall packs a real punch when it comes to things for you to do.  Having spent a lot of time in Cornwall over the years, both living in and traveling through, and I must say that Looe is my most beloved of Cornish destinations. Many will tell you that the fishing lights of Newquay or the glorious St Ives are the best spots in Cornwall, and whilst of course this is open to interpretation. My recommendation would be that you search for some holiday cottages in Looe, and indulge in this wonderful and quaint Cornish town. If you do happen to decide on a break in Looe,  here are just some of the things which you can do during your time here.


Monkey Sanctuary

Yep, that’s right, there is a monkey sanctuary here in Looe, which focusses on the rescue of woolly monkeys, before sending them back to their habitat in the Amazon. This sanctuary has been doing incredible things for this species of monkey for over 50 years, and it makes for a great day out. You can meet and greet the monkeys, find out more about them, and you can even get the chance to feed them and play with them.


Boat Trips

Polperro is the breathtaking harbour town which is set in the heart of Looe and it has been the location for many a TV show and movies. From this richly historical harbour you can take a wide variety of fishing trips which take you around a large section of this beautiful coastline. You can also take boat trips to the  neighbouring Looe Island, a 22 acre isle where you can see a wide array of wildlife.


Heritage Museum

Also in Polperro you will find the Polperro Heritage Museum where you will be stunned and amazed with the history of smuggling which has been uncovered in this location. The museum also centres on the fishing trade and features exhibits and artefacts from the history of both smuggling,a and fishing.

Talland Bay Hotel

One of the most beautiful spots in Looe is Talland Bay, and the best place for you to get a real glimpse and the bay, is from the hotel that overlooks it. The Talland Bay Hotel is not just perfectly placed, but also offers a high level of comfort and luxury with delicately and individually decorated rooms, and plush social areas. My recommendation would be that you hike the two miles up the south west coast path from Looe, and enjoy afternoon tea or delight in their brasserie experience. This is the perfect way to end a lovely coastal hike, and the views which you will have over the bay make for the perfect photo opportunity.

What are you waiting for, head to Looe this year and explore the magic of this Cornish coastal town.