If you’re running a dental practice you need to make sure that you have clear techniques for attracting new patients. Everyone out there needs at least one doctor and one dentist, unfortunately this fact can lead some practices to become lazy with their marketing. They hope that they may show up on internet searches or get recommendations through word of mouth, sometimes the marketing is non existent and their appointment book is still pretty busy.

You definitely don’t want this person or practice to be you. Imagine if you could get more bookings, or even bring in new patients who would opt for higher-paying cosmetic treatment which will bring in more profit – no one is going to turn that down.

I know it all sounds impressive and attractive, but where do you start? We have put together some marketing for dentists tips which will help you benefit in the long run.

Get More Reviews

This is known as user-generated content (UGC). This is super powerful because it is the most trusted content on the net – that’s because it’s created by customers and trusted much more than anything you will produce yourself. Every dental practice will day that they’re the best in the area at a certain treatment, but potential patients will only believe it if they see others saying it too.

Stay Relevant

If you hop online and check out about one hundred different marketing sites you’ll notice that they have many things different, the one thing they will all have in common is a blog. Nearly all dental websites have a blog now but many of them haven’t even posted a single blog post. A blog should be utilised because it is a great way to show your expertise, rank higher in searches and will bring people to your website if they are on the hunt for answers to popular questions.

Take Part In Community Events

Events organised in the local community are a fantastic way you to get to meet and know people, show that you are investing in the local community, and you’ll be able to create new relationships with a personal touch. This is all super positive and everyone should take advantage of it.