The trends are constantly changing; it can feel like just as soon as you’ve mastered the look of the moment, everyone has moved on to the next big thing. Frustrating as it can be to try and keep up with everything that’s going on in beauty at the moment (or in the next moment) there are quite a few places where you can get help to figure out what’s next.

Websites often publish seasonal style tips to help you know what’s best for a winter or summer look, but now as we go into 2015, there are a lot of exciting trends in clothes, makeup, and hair that this beauty blog is going to cover to get you ready for the vogue of ‘15.



To get some idea of where fashion is headed in 2015, you can look to the amazing clothes that headed down the runway in Paris this year. While a lot of what’s on the runway won’t ever make it into our closets, some of the trends will be popping up all over the place. The Experts at Harpers think that we should expect to see lots of shirtdresses, the color yellow, gingham, black and white patterns, and kimono style trench coats. Some of which you can already see on sites like Westfield Style, but should start to pop up everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for these fashion must-haves and grab them up as soon as you can!


Make Up

Plum is the color of the New Year, and Glamour is ready to show you several different ways to start wearing it right now. From lips to eye shadow, turning everything a little purple is going to be all the rage. Of course another trend off the 2015 runways for makeup artists is also black: inky black eyes to be exact. Models were coming off of the runway looking, “…like they had traced their upper lids with a thick Sharpie—the trick is to keep the rest of the face neutral.” So from plum to black, it’s dark colors that will be in this year



As both Glamour and Yahoo reported, a very cool trend to watch out for in the New Year will be “negative space” nails. These nail designs will transform your fingers into works of art. Blocks of color that leave some natural nail exposed to make a design make a fun, playful, and interesting new look for your nails that’s unique and different. From single strips of color that leave the rest of the nail natural, to spirals, to variations in size, you can look forward to everyone’s fingers really standing out.



Elle had previously named the 5 new and edgy haircuts to try out,  and their predictions should stay true through most of the year. From an Edgy pixie to a ruffled petite for girls with high cheekbones and a punkier attitude, to the modern Farah Fawcett and a blunt midi cut for those looking for a more classic, but slightly updated glamour. Meanwhile, if the runways are any indication, we’ll also start soon seeing lots of hairstyles that are made to look like they’re about to come undone; braids and low ponytails are destined for the streets.