Author: Ahmad Parmley

Welcome to Think Magazine!

If you didn’t already know, THINK is a fantastic, freewheeling, freeloading, free-for-all magazine, loved in print and also by thousands on-line! Basically we see a brilliant idea we try and promote it. You know what it’s like you discover something amazing, you try and find a way of introducing it to all your friends. Listen to this CD, look at this picture, read this book, check out that film and while you’re at it, take a hit on this…. THINK is about original ideas, taking risks, breaking with tradition, re-inventing language, sloganeering, leading, defining the times, documenting them, making ordinary things seem beautiful and beautiful things extraordinary, creating debate, interviewing cultural heroes, introducing the stars of tomorrow, today, turning these things upside down, not making everything easy, doing things for the sake of it and above all, never faking...

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The Truth behind Glenn Beck

Many of our long time readers are well familiar with the work of Alexander Zaitchik over the years in Think Magazine. His witty and direct to the punch style builds up layers and layers of facts until the big picture slaps you in the face for not seeing it. This spring, Wiley & Sons will release his first book, Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance . It is the first in-depth look at this bizarre conservative icon for the new century – his biography, his shtick, his politics, his business, his "meaning." Half of the book...

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The Cynic's Dictionary

Firmly based on the belief that only selfishness motivates human actions, a dictionary similiar to Ambrose Pierce’s has been created and turned into a cool book… here’s a peak inside…

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