Author: Ahmad Parmley

Deathstar California (Welcome to the Gulag State)

Imagine a half-billion dollar manufacturing company that uses slave labor, has little overhead, ignores state and federal laws regulating workplace safety, includes hazardous materials in the construction of its products, forces customers to buy those products under penalty of law, yet loses money.

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Accidental Murders

Strange coincidences almost like those from bad Hollywood scripts seemed to happening all the time and the world population could come across news about journalists losing their lives reading their favourite paper on a regular basis. Thirty-two journalists “somehow” lost their lives and again “somehow” none of those cases were ever to be solved or even to reach the courtroom. The Chechen war of course took its toll – but only 14 out of those 32 lives were lost there. In the past 5 years, 90 people were killed working for the media and this fact definitely makes me...

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