When it first launched over 30 years ago, the Antique Trader Antiques and Collectibles 2014 Price Guide was as thin as your standard magazine, indicative of how underdeveloped people’s understanding was about the antiques and collectibles industry and the way in which people sourced information.

As the current author of the tome reveals in the latest edition, the trend back then for buying and selling these precious objects was largely done through classified ads. Eric Bradley, public relations associate for Heritage Auctions, the largest auction house founded in the US, says that since then technology has changed everything and moreover, tastes have changed.

As such, today’s edition of this well-established guide comes in made up of over 800 pages of information about the industry, delivering one of the most comprehensive surveys of its kind anywhere in the world. If you are looking to get exceptional insight into the latest happenings, this is your starting point.

It notes, for example, some of the markets that are “hot or on the rise” in 2014, which includes western art, world and ancient coins, sports memorabilia, illustrative art, vintage advertising, high grade comic books (across all eras) and Historical Americana.

These trends have been influenced by a number of factors, Mr Bradley explains in the guide. In particular, the average western collector is still making decisions based on the position they find themselves in post-recession and the freedom they have to move investments in this very early stage of recovery.

Additionally, for those looking to sell, that there is a rising middle class in emerging economies like Brazil, India and China looking to invest in fine wine, art and luxury jewellery, is proving to be very welcome indeed.

Furthermore, the expert writes, “we are in the midst of the greatest transfer of assets in human history”, meaning 2014 is prime for some seriously unique developments.

“Baby boomers stand to inherit an estimated $12 trillion during the next few decades,” Mr Bradley explains in the guide. “Our study estimates their median inheritance to be about $64,000.  However, baby boomers are expected to bequeath or transfer a staggering $30 trillion to their heirs during the next 30 to 40 years.”

As you can perhaps already gauge, the book is full of interesting nuggets of information that can really boost your success rate at auction, whether you are interested in acquiring affordable items or are leaning towards “illusive and illustrative” objects.

The rise of Asian art has been palpable to those “in the know”, and one of the highlights of Antique Trader Antiques and Collectibles 2014 Price Guide is it section on Asian Arts and Artefacts, presenting a detailed overview of some exquisite items that will develop existing collections in fantastic ways or help begin a new coterie of works in this area.

“It’s hard to make predictions about what the future will bring, but it is safe to say that this veritable tsunami of fine art, antiques and collectibles will circle faster in the next few decades than it did in its entire existence,” speculates Mr Bradley.
“We fully expect these demographic changes to push the market for collectibles to new heights as well as introduce or reinvigorate some collecting categories.”

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