If you are on business or holiday in Rome and looking for a luxury place to stay the Holiday Taxis team would like to suggest the following for a newcomer to the Italian capital which is now offering upmarket hospitality for the discerning guest. An alternative to hotels, onefinestay aims to offer exclusive home from home accommodation and already has just under thirty properties on its portfolio in the eternal city. These complement the company’s other short-term rental homes in London, New York and other key locations.

This exclusive service has grown from just six places to stay in 2010 when a private group first started it. The ethos centres on guests and providing well-maintained, high specification accommodation where one can gladly spend a week or two. Properties range from the grand and elegant to the eclectic, including chic loft apartments and even a grand palazzi offering a very memorable opportunity to experience Italian architecture from close up. All these carefully selected and exclusive rentals boast space, comfort and character and are situated in desirable neighbourhoods.

A relatively new accommodation agency, onefinestay has worked hard over recent months to bring different elements together to provide the finest experience possible. Apart from fine selection criteria, key areas have included quality bed linen, thorough cleaning to prepare the property for incoming guests and proper greeting on arrival. Certainly, the properties have a breathtaking aspect of relaxation, quality and sumptuousness. Not only this, but onefinestay has struck up a partnership with a leading hotel chain in recent months, in what looks set to lay the foundations for a busy expansion programme involving over forty cities worldwide.

Federico Oneto, the new general manager for onefinestay in Rome, has lived in the Italian capital for two decades. He praises the city for its popularity, culture, romance, history and the general sense of wonder – as well as its people for their fine hospitality. Who can dispute the fine ambience and sociability of enjoying time on Roman terraces in fine weather? In addition to luxury homes in central Rome, other options include the Trastevere district as well as Mont and the Vatican City. The guest is almost spoilt for choice with other chic areas such as sunny San Lorenzo, San Giovanni and Testaccio.

A magnet for worldly travellers and full of wonderful history such as the Coliseum where one can visualise jousting gladiators, other sights include Saint Peter’s Church, the Forum and the Appia Antica ruins just off the beaten track. The city is of course top for fashion and style, from snappy dressers to scooter owners; there are around three million residents. Its historic centre is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to its plethora of ancient artefacts and monuments; why not visit the Trevi Fountain, the Palazzo Valentini or the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) before returning to your fine place to stay? Finally, Castel Gandolfo (where the Pope has his holiday residence) and the Villas of Tivoli are around an hour’s drive away.