There are very few horse racing spectacles as good as the Cheltenham Festival that is held each year. Next year, 2014, the festival will be held in March and it is certain to be another overwhelming success. If you haven’t been to a horse racing festival yet then you should get down to Cheltenham next year. The festival lasts for four days, there is fantastic atmosphere, the anticipation and the action is second to none. The thrill and excitement of the crowd as the horses roar towards the finishing line is something that you have to experience to understand just how special it is. 

At the festival, the best horses, jockeys and trainers will be on show. Victory at the festival means that you will forever go down in history and it will also give them boasting rights over their fiercest competitors. The festival brings together people from all over the world and from all different walks, everyone comes together to experience the drama, the enjoyment and the awesome sporting spectacle that the festival serves up.


There are four days at the festival; Champion Day, Ladies Day, St Patrick’s Thursday and Cheltenham Gold Cup Day. Champion day gets one of the biggest cheers of the festival, this is because it ends the twelve month wait for the festival to start, when the tape lists on the opening race you can hear the stands rumble with excitement. Ladies day, this is one of the most fashionable days at the festival, Ladies Day gives everyone the opportunity to put on their best gear, especially hats, and have fun – there are even fashion awards on offer for the best dressed. St Patrick’s Thursday, the Irish flavour comes to town on a fun filled day with lots going on. The racing doesn’t stop for the part because on the Thursday two of the biggest races will be held. Cheltenham Gold Cup Day, this is what people have been waiting for, this is the daddy of all races! It is the highlight of the racing calendar, to see how much it means to everyone, well, just wait till you hear the roars of the crowd!


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