'A BALLAD FOR METKA KRASOVEC' by Tomaz Salamun, translated from the Slovenian by Michael BigginsA Ballad for Metka Krasovec, originally published in the early 1980s at the mid-point of Salamun’s career, is considered by the author to be one of his finest. The volume is characterized by often striking imagery and a sexual turmoil that is pervasive.

As this is the first complete single volume of Salamun’s to appear in English translation, it offers readers a unique opportunity to glimpse the author at a particular stage in his life and creative development. The collection has an inner coherence often not found in his collections of selected poems.

The poems range from the incantatory, to reflections on his lovers, family, and country, to narrative-style recollections of his stays in Mexico and the United States.

Salamun’s tradition has been the disruptive, visionary side of European experimental art, Rimbaud, Lautreamont, the German expressionists, the French surrealists, the Russian futurists, the tradition in which poetry is an instrument for glimpsing a supreme reality, and for which all art is, finally, the scattered bits and pieces of that larger vision.

Translated from the Slovenian by Michael Biggins, Twisted Spoon Press, 156 pages