Once most of the tourists step out of the plane, one thing that tops their destinations list is Dubai’s bustling malls. The whole world is amazed at the posh lifestyle in Dubai, the glitzy soaring skyscrapers are but one of the great displays of glamour.

But don’t let this hype prevent you from exploring some outdoor thrills offered inside and around Dubai which are actually supposed to be on top of every visitor’s list.

#1: Desert Safari Dubai

The deserts of Dubai are the home of the visionary Emiratis. They have called this golden terrain home for many centuries and for that reason, they pay great respect to this mesmerizing land. Just like the sea that touches Dubai, these deserts are places of beauty and fascination.

Visiting the Arabian Desert is an impressive show of appreciation to its mystique and you can only do so by embarking on a Desert Safari. The tour operators usually lead visitors on a thrilling journey in the sands, followed by an unforgettable Buffet Dinner at a glamorous Desert Camp followed by a Tanura and belly dance show.

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#2: Horse Riding
Many visitors who come in the Arabian Desert love riding horses in the evening haze of the sunset. The Emirates equally love horses and just like camels, they were an essential component of their desert lifestyle.

Horse riding happens to be a big and highly valued sport in the entire of UAE and mingling with the animals will greatly help you understand the reason why they are valued in the region. While horse riding is an excellent activity for both outdoor adventurers and animal lovers; it is a great way to connect with UAE’s cultural heritage.

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#3: Scuba Diving
Since the United Arab Emirates borders the Persian Gulf, there are a lot of water based activities. Scuba Diving is one remarkable activity among them and is popular on the West Coast of the country.

There is a range of exciting dive destination in the region, some scenery coral reefs and shark and whale sighting among the reefs. You stand a high chance of seeing stingrays, barracuda, highly colored nudibranchs and eels. You can also do underwater photography and have some stunning views when the visibility is clear enough.

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#4: Deep Sea Fishing

Most people don’t associate the UAE with fishing, and although it is not the cream of the crop like the Bahamas, the fishing here is definitely close to the top with some giants caught now and again, and a consistent catch most of the time.

The best fishing season is December to March and the most common catch is barracuda, king fish, trevally, cobia and the occasional blue fin tuna.

The best deep sea fishing in Dubai happens about 20 KM offshore and consists of a mix of bottom fishing & trolling.

#5: Palm Island Sea Cruise

Another amazing thing to do in Dubai is cruising out deep into the Persian Sea. Cruise around the Palm Island located in the Dubai Marina canal and have a breathtaking view of the luxurious sail shaped Burj Al Arab hotel. Spare some time and explore the immense coastline of Jumeirah and the stunning World Islands. This gentle yet remarkable tour can be enjoyed without losing sight of the coastline and can be comfortably enjoyed even by those with a propensity for seasickness.

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#6: Yacht Rental
Dubai has a reputation for being a top destination for yacht rental. Although it may be a little costly, you will be spared from the agony of sharing trips and adhering to pre-arranged routes. Since the entire frontage of Dubai is on a coastline, this is a great way to enjoy the city. When you hire a yacht, you will leave standard tourism behind and take your friends and family out using any route you please. To truly enjoy the ocean vibe, have your lunch and dinner onboard and even go a step further to organize a barbeque as you bask in the breeze.
Another great benefit that comes with hiring a yacht is that you will have the freedom to dive in uncrowded waters anywhere in the sea.

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#7: Dhow Cruise Dinner

The final way to explore and enjoy the water canals surrounding Dubai is to hire one or more Dhows depending on your needs which you can use for dinner cruising inside Dubai Marina. The Dhow is an ancient and traditional wooden sea-craft that is often used by tourists traveling in various waterways of Dubai.

Hiring a dhow for a dinner cruise in the Dubai Marina gives you an opportunity to have a three-or-more course buffet dinner, a thrilling scenic experience and live entertainment which will make your visit here unforgettable. There is no wonderful way to have sights of Dubai’s captivating skyline like having a meal in the soothing breeze sweeping your Dhow.

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#8: Musandam Day Trip

The mountain ranges in the west that stretch along the West coast are perhaps the most beautiful and exciting part of the UAE. You will notice that the climate and the landscape of this area are quite different when compared to the eastern part. It is a little windy and the temperatures are a little lower but the actual attraction in this region is still the sea.
Worth visiting is the Musandam governorate situated on the West coast. Although this region is politically owned by Oman, it is geographically located in UAE and the residents of both Dubai and UAE frequently make Musandam Day Trip Tour in weekends.

It is a breathtaking and scenic place with deep fjords that resemble those of Nordic Europe running down tirelessly into the sea. The panoramic view of the ocean here combined with mountainous backdrop makes this particular part of the region a world-class beauty you don’t want to miss.
In case you intend to spend only one day in Musandam, think of taking a day long Day Trip from Sharjah or Dubai while lunching along the way.

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The day trip to cool Musandam concludes this comprehensive list of eight exciting things you can do while in Dubai besides chilling in a fancy luxury hotel or shopping. You need to be a little adventurous though and dedicate some of your time to other things away from the hyped and expensive boutiques, towering skyscrapers and shiny malls.
Leave the pampered and the air conditioned world and get outside to see what the rest of Dubai has to offer. The extraordinary experiences there may as well become the main highlights of your visit to Dubai.