A lot of people who are planning their holidays often forget New Zealand. It can be enticing in more ways than one, especially in terms of its natural beauty and the abundance of activities that you can do to experience the country. Here are five of the best things that you can do while on a holiday in New Zealand, which will most probably convince you to include it in your bucket list.


Go Glacier Walking

The glaciers of New Zealand are amongst its most stunning attractions. It is not enough that you see these glaciers. For a more immersive experience, you have to go walking. There are also helicopter rides that will take you to the starting point of your journey. If you are a beginner, there is no need to worry. There are a lot of tours that are especially made for people who have no experience in glacier walking. See this blog for an insight into hiking New Zealand’s glaciers.


Go Skiing

If walking in the glaciers does not excite you, skiing is an activity that you might enjoy when in New Zealand. There is never a shortage of ski resorts that you can visit. From mountain peaks to lakeshores, there is surely something for everyone. Some of the best places with renowned ski locations include Christchurch, Mount Cook Mackenzie, Queenstown, and Central North Island. Skiing in Mount Ruapehu is one that should be in your itinerary. This place is popular because it is renowned as the largest commercial skiing destination in New Zealand.


Do a Driving Tour

New Zealand is perhaps one of the most scenic countries around the world. You have to see it to believe it. To make the most out of your holiday, go on a drive. Consider self-driving and renting a car. You can go at your own pace and visit the country based on what your schedule permits, as you drive, everywhere you look, the beauty unfolding in front of your eyes will stun you. Visit Spaceships Rentals for more information on campervan hire in New Zealand.


Enjoy the Outdoors and Go Camping

There are perhaps few things that are as enjoyable as being in a campsite, being at one with nature, and savoring the fresh air. New Zealand is one of the best countries for camping. There are many safe holiday parks that are complete with the facilities that you need to have a good time. The Department of Conservation, one of the branches of New Zealand’s national government, manages more than 200 public campsites that can be found all over the country.


Play Golf

With the beautiful natural scenery in New Zealand, it follows that it has amazing golf courses. Whether you are a novice or seasoned player, there is definitely a place where you can have a round of golf. Golf is one of the most actively participated sports in the country, which is true for both men and women. With this, there is no wonder why there are more than 400 golf courses scattered all over New Zealand. Visit Golf Escapes for help finding your perfect golf holiday.