When planning your wedding, choosing the perfect venue can be a difficult feat. If you want to get wed in a unique location that has the wow factor, turn your attention to castle venues. There are all sorts of reasons for choosing a fortress for your nuptials – read on to find out about the top five.


(Image: Jamaican Treasures)

A breathtaking sight

The sheer size and grandeur of castles make them eye-catching and inspiring places to visit, with the historical air inciting mystery and intrigue. Fortresses have played a part in history and continue to do so when they’re chosen as venues for major life events, such as weddings.

By choosing a castle as the venue for your wedding, you can be certain guests will gasp in awe as they pull up to the grand building, and the fortress will also make for the perfect striking backdrop to your wedding photos.

A one-in-a-lifetime-event

Your wedding will be one of the single biggest and most important events of your life and, as such, you’ll want to select a venue that befits such a significant celebration. There are few other occasions you can hold in a castle, so getting married in a fortress might fulfil a long-term ambition.

Choosing a castle as the location for your nuptials sends out a clear message – that this is potentially the biggest day of your lives, and you’ve chosen a venue that reflects this. The dignified stature and connotations of importance that a castle evokes resonate with the marriage vows perfectly.

A fairytale ending

For many girls, their wedding day is an event they dream about until adulthood, by which time ideals of getting wed in a palace to their prince have often become ingrained. If you’ve always wanted a fairytale wedding, then a castle is a must as the venue for your nuptials.

To complement the castle as the venue, you might add other fairytale elements to your plans, such as to arrive at the location via a horse-drawn carriage in a jewel-encrusted dress complete with tiara and elbow-length satin gloves.

A night to remember

Saying your ‘I dos’ in a castle is one thing, but some fortresses also provide extra facilities, such as reception rooms and overnight accommodation. You can say your vows in one area of the castle before heading to another room for a sit-down meal and then a party afterwards.

Because of their size, castles often house hotels, and you might decide to spend your first evening as man and wife in the castle to avoid rushing round and to make the most of the location. Friends and family might also appreciate being able to stay overnight rather than travel back in the dark.

A picture-perfect occasion

Once your big day is over, you’ll have your memories of the celebrations, but in case they fade, your wedding photos should serve as a reminder of your special day. Every couple wants to be able to look back at their wedding day and think about how special the event was, and how perfect they looked during the occasion. With a castle as your backdrop, you can expect some stunning images to commemorate your wedding day, as the beauty and grandeur of the building against the landscape should really add some special charm to your photographs.