The magnificent Hungarian capital, valued by many as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is a perfect destination for any type of visitor. With geothermal springs and one of the oldest underground railways in the world the city has a lot more to offer in terms of quirky and entertaining.  So here are our top five alternative things to do list when in Budapest.  


  1. Visit the Budapest Pinball Museum

The game that was the precursor to the videogames of our technological age and that had young and old mysteriously obsessed over it for more than a decade has it’s home in Budapest.  Starting out as one person’s humble collection this establishment now houses more than 130 machines of all shapes, sizes and fun.  One flat entry fee and you get to try them all for as long as you like, plan a couple of hours for this, time flies when you’re having this much fun.


  1. Area51 project-UFO Museum

If you think that UFO’s have only landed in Roswell New Mexico think again.  The UFO Museum in Budapest is an informative establishment that takes you through all the research and trivia about UFO sightings.  A few ET corpses are also on display and you get to go into a spaceship.  Doesn’t get quirkier than this.


  1. Spa discos and spa chess

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Perhaps one of the most popular events for young and old in this part of Eastern Europe are the famous or rather infamous Spa or Bath parties.  These pop up regularly in some of the most luxurious thermal spas around Budapest and not to be missed.  After you’ve had your fair share of partying you can buddy up and chill out at the spa playing chess.  Hopefully it won’t be too much of a long game….all that steam!


  1. Cave Church

Once the home of the hermit monk, Saint Istvan, who is said to have cured the sick with thermal waters flowing from the cave, the area was turned into a church in 1926 and further enlarged in the 1930s.  The Cave church right underneath the Gellert Hill of Budapest is most often overlooked by tourists who are visiting the better known Matthias Church in the Buda Castle district, or the majestic Szent Istvan Bazilika (St Stephen’s Cathedral).  This peculiar church of the Hungarian Pauline order is funnily enough also used for weddings and worth a slight detour if you’re around the Liberty Bridge area.  

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  1. Puppet theatre

      If you’re travelling with kids or just simply want to re-visit your inner child                     then the Budapest puppet theatre is a real treat.  There’s no need to be conversant in Hungarian to have a proper laugh at the theatre.  Shows for children are in the morning whilst a more crude and in your face show for adults takes place in the evenings.  Your best bet is to consult their website for show times and further details.