Taking photographs is an art in itself, but it doesn’t mean that everyone can’t enjoy taking photos of things that they are interested in. Here are some great tips to ensure that your pictures are looking as best as they can.

Pick what you want to capture

When taking photos you can easily get caught up in the more complicated elements of photography such as how far to stand or what angle to stand at. The first and most important thing is to pick your subject and then decide the best way it will be captured, for example will the photo capture more of the view you want with a portrait or landscape photography.


Photographers, like Dave Gibbeson, insist that perfect lighting is everything and it really isn’t hard to see why. Colour is a trick of the light and naturally the better the quality of the lighting, the better the photography. Lighting can be roughly divided into two elements: light colour and intensity. Light intensity refers to how much light there is, for example low or harsh light, whereas light colour refers to the tone of the light, for example warm (golden) or cold (blue/grey). Light is always dependent on weather and the time of day, so the best thing to do is to match the light to the subject and also the mood you wish to capture.

Keep your tools sharp

One thing that people don’t often think of with cameras is the need to keep them serviced, of course a camera is an optical device, but it has mechanical parts that need to be serviced to keep the camera working as well as possible. This is particularly the case for shutters. Manufacturers like Nikon recommend that you service your camera at least every two years, or Lens Rentals Pittsburgh can hook you up with what you need. 

Experiment with composition

Most photographers will talk about a rule of thirds, but this will all depend on many different factors and what works and doesn’t work for your ideal photo is a matter of experimenting. Of course these rules exist and give great results, but when you pick different angles and change your composition it can have some surprising results.

Always be looking

One of the best ways to find great opportunities for photos is to keep looking, no matter where you are. When you are constantly looking you will be surprised at the number of photo opportunities that you will have, another element is that you should always have your camera present in order to capture the magical shot when you see it. Can you remember all the times you have seen a great picture to be taken and not had your camera with you?