To travel to awesome destinations is one of the life’s most pleasurable experience. This is most welcome whenever you so fed up with life. In case you are one of those people who needs time to loosen up, have peace of mind, or simply take a break from everything, going on a trip is the answer to your problems. Sometimes, all you need is a new place and meet new people to feel better again.

The experience would actually be more exhilarating if you travel alone. There is nothing wrong with traveling solo especially when there are a lot of safe destinations you can visit even if you are alone. So, if you are ready to try sole travels, then here are a few places you can always go to without worrying about being alone:



One of the safest places to travel solo is Melbourne. This beautiful city in Australia is without a doubt a must-visit when you feel like too exhausted from life. Its powdery white beaches, scenic views, magnificent street art, outstanding food, and awe-inspiring galleries and museums will definitely take your breath away. Simply book a car hire in Melbourne airport and head to any of its amazing spots and enjoy your time being alone in this awesome city.


A very friendly and large city, Taipei is another option for those who are thinking of going solo abroad. You can check out its astounding tourist attractions, particularly the Taipei 101, night markets, hiking destinations, as well as its superb street food scene. Never miss the opportunity to stroll around this gorgeous Asian city, and discover how awesome this city is.


If you are in search of a new place to unwind and have the time of your life, then head to Vancouver. This ethnically diverse and underrated city is also one of the most secured destinations to travel alone. It is said to be the culinary capital of Canada, so don’t forget to indulge in its delectable food and of course, its excellent beer. You will never go wrong in choosing Vancouver as your travel destination.



Undoubtedly, another favourite destination of most solo travellers is Amsterdam. With its spectacular canals, cosy coffee shops, world-renowned museums, rich culture, and coloured houses, Amsterdam is a perfect place to find yourself. You will surely love this astonishing city as it offers every visitor a lot of things to do and see. Make sure you get to try biking while roaming around here, too.

New York

The Big Apple should also be on your list when choosing a destination to travel solo. There is so much to love about New York, such as the food, main tourist attractions, and city views. Though it might be expensive to travel here, still it will be worth it. You will get the chance to see the amazing Statue of Liberty and Empire State building, which are must-visit destinations in New York.

Traveling all by yourself can be quite scary at first but if you have chosen the right destination, then it will absolutely be one for the books. These safe cities mentioned above could be your options when you feel like going on a solo trip. So, choose any of these cities and create unforgettable memories you will treasure all your life.