I am always on the lookout for ways to make my trip better and more enjoyable. It isn’t always easy to know how to do this, but I thought I would share some of my tips for making your trip that little bit more comfortable. Read on to find out more about some great hacks to make your trip better.

The right transport

There is nothing better than taking a private car from the airport to your hotel. It is so much better and so much less stressful in comparison to public transport and taxis. I love the comfort of being driven around by a driver, it is quiet clean and relaxed, which is a stark comparison to a taxi. It is so strange because often I feel very refreshed after getting to my hotel and I am ready to go. I have taken public transport many times before, but I always reached my hotel feeling worn down from the journey there, but with a private car you don’t have this at all.

Pack less

That’s right pack less so that your trip is better. How you ask? This is quite simple, you stress less about carrying a heavy bag and you don’t worry so much about packing. This makes for an easier and more relaxed trip in the end. It also gives you the opportunity to pick up some nice souvenirs for the way back home, which I love.

Start your holiday early

Have you ever thought about starting a bit earlier? This is something I love to do, especially when I am maximising a weekend trip. If I need to work on Monday, then the best time to start the holiday is as soon as possible. I like to either fly out directly after I have finished work or go and stay somewhere near the airport in a nice hotel. This is always a great way to get the extra time that you need to enjoy your weekend.

Eat the street food

This is one of my biggest recommendations for improving your travel experience. Street food is cheap and it is absolutely delicious. I think this is a great way to improve your trip for not a lot of money and it is a great experience too. I like to have an authentic experience and street food is definitely a huge part of this.