I’m here to tell you some great things that you never ever knew about Chinese New Year. But firstly, Happy New Year! We are now in the year of the horse, I hope it brings you all the luck and wealth that you deserve! Chinese New Year is celebrated through out the world, from Beijing to Bangkok, New York to London, you will find people celebrating it wherever you are. The best thing for those of us that aren’t Chinese or don’t really celebrate it are the things that happen during the festival; Fireworks, breath taking street parades and of course the mouth watering food! Before I get to the 3 little things you don’t know, let me help you find out which animal represents you. Simply enter your date of birth into the box below and you will be given so many great insights into you and your future. Each year is represented by a different animal, the animal that matches the tar you were born will have some relevance to you personality and also the luck you will have during this year. After you’ve done that scroll down to check out a great video and to get educated a little about the festival.

The Thomas Cook Chinese New Year Horoscope Finder


The Legend of Nian

There are so many back stories to the traditions that appear during Chinese New Year; fireworks, bright colours and lots of lights. This is because there used to be a great beast called Nian, he we would come to villages each year and scare the villagers. They then figured out that NIan was scared of loud noise and colours – all of this is seen in fireworks and the colours on show during the festival.



The most well known thing about Chinese New Year is that there is always the most stunning firework displays on offer. It’s a crazy fact that 90% of the fireworks in the world are made in China, they certainly do need them because millions are launched during the celebrations. What you probably don’t know is that there are a reported 6,000 injuries during Chinese New Year! So, be careful!


The Year of the Horse

This year is the year of the horse. There is lots of meaning behind this, but the main one is for couples. The year of the horse is supposed to be the best year to get married and then for people to have children. Maybe it’s time to pop the question or add another family member?

Click here to see a great video about the Chinese New Year celebrations.