Technology now has a greater influence on our world than ever before. It is all around us; it has permeated every aspect of society and completely changed how we do things. Almost everything in your day to day life has been affected by technology.


Modern technology innovations such as smartphones, other connected devices, and superfast Internet have completely shaken up our lives. But not only that, they’ve shaken up many industries as well, with companies all around the globe now finding new ways to make the most of technological innovations.


In the old days of marketing, things were quite simple. Promoting your business was as easy as taking out an advertisement in a local newspaper or recording a segment for a local radio station. If you really wanted to go all out, then you might even splash the cash on a TV ad!

But in 2018, your customers are tuned in tech users and a traditional advertisement may not be the best way to reach them. 

According to the latest Twitter user figures from Statista, the microblogging website has over 300 million users. Facebook, meanwhile, has over two billion users who log into the site to engage with your business, not just to keep up to date with what their friends and families are doing.

It means that businesses now have to be social media savvy, figuring out how to post shareable content that engages. 


These days, a typical gaming experience does not look like an arcade machine or even a console with wired controllers. More than 1.2 billion people play games around the world, but the way in which they gain access to these entertaining, interactive experiences couldn’t be more varied.

Many people now play games on their smartphones and tablets, playing brightly coloured platformers and tricky puzzle games on the way to work. Advancements in mobile technology have led to incredibly powerful smartphones and tablets. Game developers can push these to their limits, to make impressive games.

Likewise, easier access to the Internet means that players can now just click a link on their laptop and find a game that they love. Casino games with big money wins can keep players entertained on their lunch breaks or when they get home from a stressful day at work, while no deposit offers such as the ones reviewed on Oddschecker make it easier to pick a casino without investing in it right away.


One industry that has been shaped greatly by technology is the automotive industry. In 2018, it’s not uncommon for cars to be a source of Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to access the Internet and keep themselves occupied on long journeys. 

Self-driving cars are also being tested and in the next few years, it may actually be odd to drive yourself to work. In fact, some companies are even testing features that allow people to press a button and get their self-driving car to drive to them and pick them up!

The beauty of technology is that it is constantly moving and ever-changing. These are just some of the industries that have been shaped by innovations, but every industry seems to be being touched by technological advancements in some way.