Scandinavia is home to dreamlike mountains, endless glacier-carved valleys, sleepy towns, and flavoursome food. While the landscapes are sure to steal the show, it the Scandinavian food that deserves a special mention. The cuisine is authentic, fresh, hot and soulful.

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Smørrebrød – Denmark

(Pronounced smuhr-broht), smørrebrød literally means “butter and bread” but wait, there is more! This open-faced sandwich is how the Danish love it, salted beef, chopped liver, roast beef, roast pork and slices of cold salmon with delicious toppings spread on a bed of buttered rye bread.

think-magazine - Smørrebrød - Denmark

Norwegian waffles – Norway

Served all over Norway, these “heart shaped little pieces of heaven” are a bit thinner than the Belgian waffles. Made with mixing together flour, water, eggs, sugar, and a dash of love (of course), Norwegian waffles taste best when topped with jam or brunost.


Herring – Sweden

This fish has two names: sill and strömming. However you like it, cooked, pickled, or smoked, herring is best served with crisp bread and washed down with a glass of aquavit.


Kaalikääryleet – Finland

A favourite of the locals if you are touring the central Balkans, Kaalikääryleet are cabbage rolls stuffed with beef, onions and spices. On the side, is the traditional lingonberry jam.

think-magazine - Kaalikääryleet – Finland

Millionbøf – Denmark

Served over mashed potatoes, pasta or rice, millionbøf is a type of Danish steak that is cut into smaller pieces. Seasoned with onions, pepper or paprika, millionbøf is not to be missed.

think-magazine - millionboef

Kanelbulle – Sweden

This is one for the ones with a sweet tooth! Kanelbulle is cinnamon bun spiced with cardamom, saffron and vanilla. Best served for a Fika, Kanelbulle can be found in every café, bakery and food shop in Sweden.

think-magazine - Kanelbulle - Sweden

Matpakke – Norway

If you plan to hike through the mountains of Norway, Matpakke is a must! Matpakke is homemade, with sliced bread (Now this has to be Norwegian bread) with cheese, sliced meats and your favourite toppings! Do not forget to pack the “matpakke paper” to separate those layers.

think-magazine - Norwegian waffles

Lanttulaatikko – Finland

The traditional Christmas dish of Finland, Lanttulaatikko is similar to mashed potatoes but a little special, and earthy. Cooked with turnip, this dish is usually a side dish to ham or meat during Christmas meals.

Prinsesstårta – Sweden

The cake of choice at celebrations, Prinsesstårta is a sponge cake covered in bright and fluorescent marzipan. Loved by young Swedish royals, this cake was first created in the 1920s.

Fiskeboller – Norway

The classic “fish balls” blended with eggs, milk, and flour is a Norwegian favourite and an everyday meal! Draped in curry sauce, these traditional Norwegian fish dumplings are best served with juliennes of ginger and fresh herbs.

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